Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying your week. This has been a good week up until today. I live in an area that has snakes. This is the 4th snake in two weeks. I HATE THEM! I don't care if they are good snakes or not! I HATE THEM!

I went to let my dogs out around 12:00 and herd what sounded like water running out in by the lambs. Well next to the lambs we have another pen for our border collie. She was going crazy, barking. So I ran out there and sure enough it was a rattle snake! (My crazy husband has been trying to catch one this year to snake break the dogs.) First I let Diamond out of the pen, then I called a friend to come get it because my husband is away at school. He did manage to get the snake in a bucket. YEAH!(really being sarcastic!)

I did take pictures though which is unusual for me. I only take picture of them when they are dead! But this one I followed so they could catch it. I must be losing my mind!

The snake did inspire me to make a card(Go Figure!) out of a faux snake skin technique I learned awhile ago. It is not difficult and very interesting to touch and look at. These pictures do not do the card justice. It looks so much more real in person.
I will be starting a Technique class in June. I have already talked about it with some of my customers.
Here is the date: June 27th
Time: 1:00 - 3:00
Cost: $10.00
Remember if this is not good for you and really are interested in the class e-mail me or give me a call and we can always set something else up. I think in honor of the snake this will be one of the first techniques we will learn! It will be so much fun.

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