Saturday, October 8, 2011


This was our first port. It was rainy, windy and chilly, but being from Arizona it was so nice! There were three other ships already docked when we arrived. We had to anchor out and tender into shore. The second picture is a tender. They were fun to ride in!
We went on a tour of Mendenhall Glacier first. We took a 45 min walk to get close to the glacier. Nugget Falls was right next to it. You don’t realize the size and beauty of these things until you are right up on them. I also know my camera does not do the color justice. The glacier is such a beautiful blue in areas. One of the ice bergs floating looked like a whale. It looked like someone sculpted it and threw it out there but it truly was just how it was melting. I did learn that the glacier looks so dirty because it chews up the rocks and they call the pieces breaking off of the glacier calves.

Next was the Salmon Hatchery. The salmon were done for the season so we did not get to see any, other then a few they had in the hatchery. But they had some sea critters for us to touch. They also had some aquariums for us to look at and a seal swimming and hunting for his dinner. Then it was off to the salmon bake. I am not a seafood eater. But I figured I would try the salmon. They had wonderful food for us to eat. I must admit I did like the salmon. Then we took a hike to another waterfall. We also panned for gold and my sister and I found some flakes. Then we loaded onto some school buses to take us back to the tenders. My husband and sister were having so much fun goofing around.

We had a wonderful day!
Onto some stamping. Last month at club we did some stamping on tissue paper and then added it onto the candle These are what they turned out like. I thought they were a lot of fun.
Tomorrow is club again. We will be making these witches brooms! They are really easy! I truly had a blast making the samples. I was able to use the packing paper I get so much of in the orders. It is nice to recycle a little. The tags were a lot of fun and yes I did use some tool which we do not sell. But I love how it makes it look.

I hope you find some time to stamp today.