Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Posting

Hi everyone,

I have not been posting in the past few months because of my father. About 9 weeks ago he caught a cold which was not good for him. It made him extremely week. Then towards the end of April he passed out and broke his right hip. He had some complications after surgery. About 2 and a half weeks ago they moved him from one of the wards to the palliative care unit where he is receiving physical therapy, occupational therapy and more. He probably has 2-3 weeks left here at the VA in Tucson. So far we are going on 7 weeks. Needless to say I have not been stamping at all. I have been getting certified with MDS (My Digital Studio) and been using that a lot! I am enjoying it very much when I have the time.
We are moving my parents to our property down in Huachuca City and my husband has been working very hard at getting everything done around their new home. I was able to go home last Sat. for the first time in 6 weeks to see the progress. It was a fast trip home and back just to see what was happening around there.(and to see my dogs!) This is a picture of their home. It is a lot further along then this right now but this was the only picture I could find at the moment.

So on to some Stamping business. The last chance list's are out. You can find them on my side bar. You can also veiw them on my Stampin' Up website http:http://karenbouchikas.stampinup.net

The supplies are selling fast so if there is something you want you can order online under my Stampin' Up website or e-mail me. I am ordering catalogs so if you want one let me know so I am sure I have enough for you in July.

You all take care