Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Catalog Open House

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was my New Catalog Open House. What a FANTASTIC day it was! Let me start off with thanking my Mom for making the sandwiches and helping in the morning with getting everything ready. Then I could not have gotten this together without my good friend Jessica. She is amazing.   First let me tell you about the amazing goodies she made. Jessica made oatmeal raisin cookies then put each one in an envelope cut from the Sizix envelope die. Then she added a thank you on them. These were all cut from the new in color paper pack! Then she also made wonderful melt in your mouth brownies! Second, I am going backwards now. I e-mailed her while at convention. I asked her if she would help me with this event. She said she would. We got together and she had some fantastic ideas! She was there every step of the way. Even when I freaked out a little because of the amount of people who RSVP. What a great mentor, friend, she is. I could not have pulled this off without you. Thank you.

I had lots of door prizes and I know everyone is waiting to know who won. So here is the list:
1 Lynda M, 2 Joni, 3 Jill C, 4 Lynda M, 5 Carolyn, 6 Lynda M, 7 Lynda M, 8 Katie T, 9 De, 10 Katie, 11 Katie, 12 Jill C, 13 Donna, 14 Denice, 15 Lynda M, 16 Joni, 17 Louise, 18 Lynda M. 

I will tell you Stampin' Up has truly blessed me with wonderful friendships. I want to thank you all for coming out and making my Open House such a huge success.

I hope you all get some time to stamp today.

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  1. Sounds like you had a successful and fun day! Congrats!!